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From: Christopher Mason
Subject: whole_archive/-r
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 10:12:00 -0600

Two questions:

1) I have a C++ library that makes use of global constructors. When building via a shared library (on non-buggy compilers/linkers) everything "just works." But when building via a static library, obviously only those modules that are referenced get linked. Using --whole-archive works (and I see some mention of this in libtool but can't find documentation to enable it). Using -r works. What's the proper way to have libtool do either of these? This is probably a FAQ; I've seen discussions about it on the mailing list but never the "right way."

2) Is there a way to stop libtool from doing -nostdlib nastiness? Or indeed from hard coding library paths in general? (It seems to sometimes change my -lfoo into .../ and sometimes not; I assume this is related to not being able to include static libs in .so's, but I can I turn it off on sane platforms)? This doesn't work well when doing -m32 on 64 bit platforms; it hard codes the link paths for the 64 bit libraries, when if it just passed -lfoo everything would "just work."



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