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Re: Alternate SONAME values

From: Keith Packard
Subject: Re: Alternate SONAME values
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 10:29:23 -0700

On Thu, 2005-07-07 at 15:53 +0530, Ganesan Rajagopal wrote:
> >>>>> "Keith" == Keith Packard <address@hidden> writes:
> > There is another way to solve the problem; we can change the SONAME in
> > the versioned filename varients:
> > Version 6 Xaw       ->
> > Version 7 Xaw       ->
> > Version 8 Xaw       ->
> May be I am missing something here. Assuming you used -version-info to
> generate the libraries, libtool embeds the library SONAME with the major
> version into the library by default. 

I want to change the base of the SONAME from libXaw6 to libXaw, and have
the major version only present after the .so; as far as I can tell, I
can't get libtool to do this.

I hacked libtool to set the base of the soname (which is normally
'${libname}' to libXaw and things are working correctly on Linux.


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