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Re: libtool file naming conventions

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: libtool file naming conventions
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 16:20:49 +0200
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Peter O'Gorman wrote:
> > libtool unfortunately wants to write into the .libs directory
> > during "make install".
> I vaguely recall a requst fairly recently on the libool list to relink in a
> tmpdir, I guess I'd better go look into that. :/

Absolutely. There are three major grips that I have with libtool 1.x, that
could be solved by naming files differently than now:

1) "make install" relinking: it not only writes into .libs, it also
   temporarily replaces the libraries in .libs. IMO one should better
   relink in the destination directory (because this one is guaranteed to
   be writable) or in a temp dir under the the destination directory.

2) An executable in .libs an "lt-" prefix, that I must remove when I want
   good --help output in the build directory. (Which I need for using
   "help2man".) So far I'm using this code.

/* Set program_name, based on argv[0].  */
set_program_name (const char *argv0)
  /* libtool creates a temporary executable whose name is sometimes prefixed
     with "lt-" (depends on the platform).  It also makes argv[0] absolute.
     Remove this "<dirname>/.libs/" or "<dirname>/.libs/lt-" prefix here.  */
  const char *slash;
  const char *base;

  slash = strrchr (argv0, '/');
  base = (slash != NULL ? slash + 1 : argv0);
  if (base - argv0 >= 7 && memcmp (base - 7, "/.libs/", 7) == 0)
    argv0 = base;
  if (strncmp (base, "lt-", 3) == 0)
    argv0 = base + 3;
  program_name = argv0;

3) Instead of an executable itself I find a shell script. So that I cannot
   use "gdb foo" but rather must do "libtool gdb foo". Which I most of the
   time don't do, because setting breakpoints in shared libraries often is
   a pain. Instead "make distclean; ./configure --disable-shared", because
   then debugging with gdb is a lot easier.


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