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Latest newsletter from Zeus Technology

From: Jock Busuttil
Subject: Latest newsletter from Zeus Technology
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 13:42:39 -0400

Please find below a copy of this month's Zeus newsletter.  I hope you find
it informative, and if you have any questions, please feel free to email
me back.

It's been a busy month for us here at Zeus.  We've announced the launch of
a new range of ZXTM appliances (more detail below), and on top of that, to
cater for the growing community of ZXTM users worldwide, we've recently
announced the launch of our ZXTM KnowledgeHub.

Places are also filling up for our ZXTM training courses, so be sure to
book your place before they disappear!

We'll be back with another newsletter next month.

Best regards,

Jock Busuttil
Product Marketing Manager
Zeus Technology

Zeus Newsletter: 28 July 2005

In this month's issue:

 * Zeus launches a new range of application traffic management appliances

 * ZXTM KnowledgeHub goes live

 * Some spaces still available for ZXTM training courses - book now!

Zeus Launches New Range of ZXTM Appliances

ZXTM combines three solutions in one: load balancing and traffic
management, application acceleration and security.  Historically, these
areas have been provided by separate devices which fragment control and
increase the difficulty and cost of managing your applications.

By placing the focus back on the application, ZXTM returns centralised
control and resilience to your infrastructure, allowing your business to
become more agile and start moving forward again.

The new range of 64-bit ZXTM appliances we've introduced ensures that
deployment is simply a case of plugging it in and turning it on, making it
easier and quicker to take advantage of the award-winning capabilities of

These ZXTM appliances sit alongside our existing software portfolio to
offer greater flexibility and choice for both customers and partners
around the globe.  The three new appliances vary from an entry-level load
balancing solution to a feature-rich, high-performance application traffic

More information:

ZXTM KnowledgeHub Goes Live

Earlier this week, we launched a new comprehensive online resource for
anyone wishing to discuss or discover the benefits of ZXTM.

The ZXTM KnowledgeHub provides an interactive forum for visitors to share
their thoughts, views and experiences with the engineeers and developers
at Zeus Technology and with the wider ZXTM community.

KnowledgeHub focusses on the technology behind ZXTM and empowers existing
and potential customers in a way that will help them exploit the true
capabilities of ZXTM.  There is a wide range of information available,
including documentation, worked examples and hints and tips for setting up
common application traffic management solutions.  We hope to add material
to the site on a regular basis, so do come back to visit it often!

More information:

ZXTM Training Courses - Book Now to Avoid Missing Out!

We have a number of places left for both our ZXTM Standard and Advanced
training courses.  Training lets you gain insider knowledge about ZXTM's
capabilities from our expert training consultants, skills which you can
then use to reduce the time and effort on deployments.

Places are available on the following dates at our UK training facility:

 * 19-23 September 2005
 * 17-21 October 2005
 * 21-25 November 2005

We will also be running courses this year from our US training facility;
dates will be announced closer to the time.

If you would like to register for any of our UK training courses, or would
like further information about forthcoming US training courses, please
email address@hidden

Contact information:

Zeus Technology Ltd.
The Jeffreys Building
Cowley Road
Cambridge CB4 OWS
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 525000
Fax: +44 (0) 1223 525100


If you no longer wish to receive newsletters from Zeus Technology,
please use the following link:

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