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Re: -F parameter appears not to be passed in OS X

From: Matthew Landauer
Subject: Re: -F parameter appears not to be passed in OS X
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 22:43:05 +0930
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It's for linking against the SDK for Apple's Shake (2d compositing package) which by default puts its frameworks in /Applications/Shake/sdk/Frameworks (for Shake version 4) or /Applications/Shake3.50/sdk/Frameworks (for Shake version 3.5).


Matthew Landauer wrote:

Thanks for that! That's a really good workaround. I'm productive again! :-)

Maybe I'm misunderstanding things but shouldn't libtool understand "-F"? It knows how to interpret -framework and -F goes with that as much as -L goes along with -l for normal linking.

Most people put their frameworks in {/System,/Network,,~}/Library/Frameworks, where they are in the default search path. People using libtool don't tend to have uninstalled frameworks (the major use for -F, afaik) during build.

Why do you need -F, do many people actually need it? I have never seen a request for this before.


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