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Spaces in pathnames: forbidden, supported or not tested ?

From: Eric PAIRE
Subject: Spaces in pathnames: forbidden, supported or not tested ?
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 15:31:06 +0200
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I am currently using 'configure' generated file under MinGW. On Windows, Msys and MinGW have been installed in 'Program Files' (Yes, there is an unfortunate space in it), and most of the installed packages configure properly (probably by chance, because I do use tools installed in standard and not specified by environment variable), except for LD, because LD is positionned by the AC_PROG_LD macro, which calls AC_PROG_LD_GNU macro.

The 'gcc -print-prog-name-ld' command in AC_PROG_LD returns a complete Windows path which contains a space, then the execution of $LD in AC_PROG_LD_GNU fails, and my LD is not detected as a GNU ld, which has some unwanted consequences...

It seems to me that nothing prevents path names to get spaces in them, but the problem is that using `"$LD" -v` requires that LD does not contain some particular argument put with the pathname of ld. This solution might work if LD arguments are not added to LD, but to another FLAGS argument specific to LD (and probably not to LDFLAGS) that differentiates the progname from its arguments. I would like to get your comments on that, and particularly if paths with spaces in them are supported, or if it is not tested, or if this should be forbidden. In the later case, I guess that this should be clearly stated somewhere (and if it is, I have not been able to find it, sorry).


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