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Re: how to link with installed libltdl?

From: Andreas Jellinghaus
Subject: Re: how to link with installed libltdl?
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 20:24:59 +0200
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On Thursday 01 September 2005 12:30, Howard Chu wrote:
> If you use libtool for linking, and the file is installed, 

what about configure code? which configure macro will look for

can I use
dnl use ltdl
AC_CHECK_LIB(ltdl, lt_dlopen,, [AC_MSG_ERROR([libltdl not found])])

the configure code looks like it does not look at
is there any alternative? all macros provided by libtool seem
to depend on libltdl/ being included in the source, and we don't
want to do that.

is there any generic macro that looks for files and evaluates

> The point of using  libtool and libltdl is to avoid having to check
> for other system-specific dependencies. 

> Checking for libdl is (a) redundant since libtool's configure script
> would have already looked for it

you mean the one installed as libltdl/configure? we don't want to
include a copy of libtool in each project using it.

> and (b) insufficient since other platforms may use some other name for their 
> dynamic linking support library.

I don't understand. we want the user of our packages to install libltdl first,
and then compile our software. so for us it is like any other library: we 
depend on it, please install it first. is there any reason that is wrong
or should not work?

sorry, your posting left me a bit confused. 


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