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possible 1.5.20 regression?

From: Tim Mooney
Subject: possible 1.5.20 regression?
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 13:30:34 -0500 (CDT)

In regard to: GNU Libtool 1.5.20 released., Ralf Wildenhues said (at 9:16pm...:

The Libtool Team is pleased to announce the release of GNU Libtool

I haven't looked closely at the issue and probably can't for a while yet,
but there seems to be a regression on at least Tru64 vs. libtool 1.5.16.
I never built 1.5.18 so I don't have that as a comparison point.

On Tru64 5.1b with the vendor toolchain, libtool 1.5.16 passes all 103
tests.  On the same platform and toolchain, 1.5.20 says it passed all 103
tests, but a couple of the tests generate suspicious output (that wasn't
present with 1.5.16) that seems to indicate that the test probably failed
but the test suite didn't realize it.

Here's the failing output for 1.5.20:

PASS: demo-shared.test
PASS: demo-make.test
PASS: demo-exec.test
PASS: demo-inst.test
PASS: hardcode.test
101718:/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/demo/.libs/lt-hell: /sbin/loader: Error: 
/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/demo/.libs/lt-hell: symbol "nothing"
101718:/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/demo/.libs/lt-hell: /sbin/loader: Fatal Error: 
Load of "/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/demo/.libs/lt-hell" failed: 
Unresolved symbol name
PASS: build-relink.test
PASS: noinst-link.test
PASS: demo-unst.test
PASS: depdemo-shared.test
PASS: depdemo-make.test
PASS: depdemo-exec.test
PASS: depdemo-inst.test
124048:/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/depdemo/.libs/lt-depdemo: /sbin/loader: Error: symbol "var_l3" unresolved
124048:/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/depdemo/.libs/lt-depdemo: /sbin/loader: Fatal 
Error: Load of "/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/depdemo/.libs/lt-depdemo" 
failed: Unresolved symbol name
PASS: build-relink2.test

Note that I normally build libtool with one local patch for Tru64, but
I have verified that the test output is the same both with and without
that patch.

Tim Mooney                              address@hidden
Information Technology Services         (701) 231-1076 (Voice)
Room 242-J6, IACC Building              (701) 231-8541 (Fax)
North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 58105-5164

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