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Re: possible 1.5.20 regression?

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: possible 1.5.20 regression?
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 14:57:14 +0200
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Hi Tim,

Sorry for the response latency.

* Tim Mooney wrote on Fri, Sep 02, 2005 at 08:30:34PM CEST:
> I haven't looked closely at the issue and probably can't for a while yet,
> but there seems to be a regression on at least Tru64 vs. libtool 1.5.16.
> I never built 1.5.18 so I don't have that as a comparison point.

Just for the record: was the system upgraded between those two builds?

> On Tru64 5.1b with the vendor toolchain, libtool 1.5.16 passes all 103
> tests.  On the same platform and toolchain, 1.5.20 says it passed all 103
> tests, but a couple of the tests generate suspicious output (that wasn't
> present with 1.5.16) that seems to indicate that the test probably failed
> but the test suite didn't realize it.

Nope, they are very most likely correct output, but it's weird that it
shows up: without VERBOSE=x set as option, test/defs redirects stdout
and stderr of all tests to /dev/null.

> Here's the failing output for 1.5.20:
> PASS: demo-shared.test
> PASS: demo-make.test
> PASS: demo-exec.test
> PASS: demo-inst.test
> PASS: hardcode.test
> 101718:/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/demo/.libs/lt-hell: 
> /sbin/loader: Error: 
> /local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/demo/.libs/lt-hell: symbol "nothing"
> unresolved
> 101718:/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/demo/.libs/lt-hell: 
> /sbin/loader: Fatal Error: Load of 
> "/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/demo/.libs/lt-hell" failed: Unresolved 
> symbol name
> PASS: build-relink.test

Please rerun (all on one line)
  make check VERBOSE=x TESTS='demo-shared.test demo-make.test
       demo-exec.test demo-inst.test hardcode.test build-relink.test'
and check that the failing link is followed by
| Failed, as expected

If it isn't, please post the complete output.

> PASS: depdemo-shared.test
> PASS: depdemo-make.test
> PASS: depdemo-exec.test
> PASS: depdemo-inst.test
> 124048:/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/depdemo/.libs/lt-depdemo: 
> /sbin/loader: Error: symbol "var_l3" unresolved
> 124048:/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/depdemo/.libs/lt-depdemo: 
> /sbin/loader: Fatal Error: Load of 
> "/local/src/RPM/BUILD/libtool-1.5.20/depdemo/.libs/lt-depdemo" failed: 
> Unresolved symbol name
> PASS: build-relink2.test

Same thing here with
  make check VERBOSE=x TESTS='depdemo-shared.test depdemo-make.test
       depdemo-exec.test depdemo-inst.test build-relink2.test'

> Note that I normally build libtool with one local patch for Tru64, but
> I have verified that the test output is the same both with and without
> that patch.

Independently: if the patch has any chance of being interesting for a
general audience, feel free to post it.  If it fixes a bug, we'll be
happy to accept it.

Thanks for reporting this, even if, most likely, it's a non-issue!


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