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Re: how to implement a spy?

From: Andreas Jellinghaus
Subject: Re: how to implement a spy?
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 15:20:18 +0200
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> Hmm.  Are you trying to load both with lt_dlopen and
> also from within that the other plugins with lt_dlopen?
> If so: you are using CVS HEAD Libtool, right?
> (1.5.x versions do not really support dlopening from within libraries).

no, only 1.5.4 (debian sarge, libltdl3). 
to avoid symbol conflicts we use libltdl3 as shared library.

both uses libltdl3 and uses
which also uses litltdl3. plugins everywhere.

> Well, to put it in a pessimistic way: since we don't have a test for
> this kind of setup (where the same symbols are loaded), I suppose that
> it probably does not work.
> To put it in an optimistic way: your application would be a wonderful
> test case to debug libltdl in this respect, and make this work.  :)
> Well, there are several issues to think about: First, I would not even
> know without searching some docs whether this can be made to work on all
> kinds of systems; static-only wouldn't, but you knew that :)
> But also on AIX, or OS X or win32, for that matter, I would assume that
> we may need adaptations.
> Is your code open, can we inspect it?  Even better, do you have small
> test cases to show what needs to be achieved?

that would be great, as I don't even know where to start. (web page) and
has the a preview version of 0.10 which now uses libltdl instead
of our own older wrapper "scdl".

for real using of opensc you might need a smart card, debugging could
also be quite limited without :(

Regards, Andreas

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