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Re: Compiling C++

From: martin
Subject: Re: Compiling C++
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2015 15:01:59 +0100
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On 06/07/15 23:18, Simon Richter wrote:

On 06.07.2015 20:17, martin wrote:

Random files are generated wth .loT file type.
Files ending in T are temporary files that are generated because some
compilers do not delete the output file on failure. These are renamed to
the same name without the T at the end of the build step they belong to.

If these remain somewhere, then something went wrong, for example an
aborted build didn't clean them up.

Files with the suffix .lo are generated by libtool, these are normal
object files (.o), but compiled with the options necessary for shared

The .loT files you see are thus remnants of a compiler invocation from
libtool, and got left when a build was aborted or failed because the
harddisk ran full. They can be safely deleted.


Thank you for your reply.
I may be wrong but I think they may be occuring on clean builds.

Let me give you the situation.  The originator of the software programme, Horst Knorr is beleived to have died and I am trying to update hk_classes-0.8.3 from kde3+ to kde4.
I am not a geek.
The method of updating that I adopted was to configure and build the original file with kde4+ software. hk_classes comprises the drivers for various databases and the mechanics upon which the companion Kde programme may be built it is virtually all C++.
When I compile it throws up errors and these errors are corrected, with a lot of help from Stack Overflow and a bit of common sense.  Most 'repairs' are remembered and you finish up with a working programme for kde4 which is the display programme.

If the cause is what you suggest how can you purge the input before compiling again?

martin welsh

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