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[Lightning] pronounce amusement

From: George Sargent
Subject: [Lightning] pronounce amusement
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 15:51:01 -0400

Iftheres any fightin to be done, leave it to me. Its enough to make a man give up the game.
I pottered idly about the room, humming a tune and wondering whereStanley was. I handed him a moth-ball with the vague idea that it might console him,and he became silent. Youroutrageous temper will get you into serious trouble one of these days.
Estelle had come in, cooked, cleared up andcleared out.
He slumped back on the bed and stared bleakly at me.
Estelle, I said, would you do something to help Stanley?
Just a minute, said Maureen, busily scooping a brush, comb andscent-spray off the dressing-table. It is characteristic of me that when I come to a decision, Iimmediately carry it out. His face was a reddish-brown and freckledlargely, like a banana.
Got bushed trying to find your house or Id have gothere earlier. Me feet aint really as big as this, he remarked.
He slumped back on the bed and stared bleakly at me.
I left him and went downstairs to the kitchen and switched on the lightand sat down.
Shake, he said, displaying his manual acreage.
Might come across the old man, put in a harsh voice.
I heard about the sharps in Sydney and Im taking no chances. Shake, he said, displaying his manual acreage.
With my chin cupped in my hands, I disciplined my mind and laid out mytroubles for inspection.
I trudged up thestairs once more and entered Stanleys room. I promised to call on her when I came toSydney.
Steak swung her other leg over the window-sill and advanced in battleformation.
Passing down the hall in the darkness, I bumped Stanley coming from thekitchen.
Ive been talking to someone on the phone, I continued.
The front door creaked and the murmur of hushed voices filtered throughthe darkness. I nodded as the man handed me the receipt. The kind you might expecton a submarine that had been submerged for a week during a battle. I understood how he felt, and forbusiness reasons forgave him; nevertheless, I suffered.
He paused in the kitchen and turned to me with a puzzled look.
He sat down and wrinkled his forehead to give me the impression that hewas thinking.
Stanley rolled off the bed and stood up, wincing.
At the foot of the stairs, I saton the bottom step and thought. Anyhow, what did it matter if it was the police? Got a cheque for three thousand in the other boot.

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