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Re: [Lightning] Re: Stack register control?

From: Sandro Magi
Subject: Re: [Lightning] Re: Stack register control?
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 17:42:06 -0400

On 10/1/07, Eli Barzilay <address@hidden> wrote:
> The 1.8mb is the size of our excutable, which implements the language
> (MzScheme).  Things that are defined in the language get jitted
> (through lightnin), and are not included in the executable itself.

I was just wondering how much of that 1.8 MB was due to Lightning's

I'm not sure I understand why you start from 1.8 MB plus the 1 MB when
including LLVM. Is it that the JIT code to use LLVM or Lightning is
largely similar, and so can be excluded from consideration? Lightning
must add something to the executable size.

Slightly OT, but since you work on MzScheme, I very much like "An
Incremental Approach to Compiler Construction" in Scheme paper [1]. I
imagine it's very similar to the approach used in MzScheme, but using
Lightning as a portable backend instead of raw x86.


[1] An Incremental Approach to Compiler Construction,

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