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[Lightning] Argument Management

From: Sandro Magi
Subject: [Lightning] Argument Management
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 00:07:28 -0500

Under the "Argument Management" section, it states the following:

  You cannot pass parameters between subroutines using the six
general-purpose registers. This might work only when targeting
particular architectures.

Does this mean that I can't write a VM which performs interprocedural
register allocation using GNU Lightning? Or is this statement intended
to apply only when using the C call convention?

Similarly, the preceding statement:

  First of all, it is not allowed to call functions with more than six
arguments; this was done to simplify and speed up the implementation
on architectures that use registers for parameter passing.

I'm assuming this applies only to functions which use the the standard
jit_prolog. If I'm generating code using another calling convention
using JIT_R/V/FPR, then the above doesn't apply, correct?


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