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Re: [Lightning] Re: Still problems.

From: Laurent Michel
Subject: Re: [Lightning] Re: Still problems.
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 09:50:57 -0400

You're the King  ;-)



On Jun 17, 2008, at 9:25 AM, Paolo Bonzini wrote:

Here is the relevant macro. Both references to RD use the same masking #define IMULQir(IM, RD) (_REXQrr(0, RD), _Os_Mrm_sL (0x69 ,_b11,_r8(RD),_r8(RD) ,IM ))

As Murphy's law goes, the only wrong ones were IMULQir and IMULQirr-- checked against as+objdump with the following assembly source code (stuff after # is a comment):

movq %r10, %rdx         #define MOVQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RS, RD)
testq %r10, %rdx        #define TESTQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RS, RD)
cmpxchgq %r10, %rdx     #define CMPXCHGQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RS, RD)
xaddq %r10, %rdx        #define XADDQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RS, RD)
xchgq %r10, %rdx        #define XCHGQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RS, RD)

imulq %r10, %rdx        #define IMULQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RD, RS)
imulq $10, %r10, %rdx #define IMULQirr(IM,RS,RD) (_REXQrr(RS, RD) <<< WRONG!
cmovbq %r10, %rdx       #define CMOVQrr(CC,RS,RD) (_REXQrr(RD, RS)
bsfq %r10, %rdx         #define BSFQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RD, RS)
bsrq %r10, %rdx         #define BSRQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RD, RS)
movsbq %r10b, %rdx      #define MOVSBQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RD, RS)
movzbq %r10b, %rdx      #define MOVZBQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RD, RS)
movswq %r10w, %rdx      #define MOVSWQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RD, RS)
movzwq %r10w, %rdx      #define MOVZWQrr(RS, RD) (_REXQrr(RD, RS)
movslq %r10d, %rdx #define MOVSLQrr(RS, RD) _m64only((_REXQrr(RD, RS)

Fix committed & pushed.


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