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Re: [Lightning] Floating point branches

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: [Lightning] Floating point branches
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 09:54:34 +0100
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Mike Spivey wrote:
> I encountered three problems with floating point branches on i386 with
> the GIT version of lightning.  The patches shown below seem to work for
> me, but I haven't made extensive tests.

Great, thanks.  I attach what I applied.

diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog
index bda065e..a842218 100644
--- a/ChangeLog
+++ b/ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,10 @@
+2009-02-17  Paolo Bonzini  <address@hidden>
+       * lightning/fp-common.h: Define double branches if missing.
+       * lightning/i386/asm.h: Define JC and JNC mnemonics.
+       * lightning/i386/fp-32.h: Fix jit_fp_btest.  All reported
+       by Mike Spivey.
 2008-10-09  Paolo Bonzini  <address@hidden>
        * lightning/ppc/funcs.h (jit_flush_code): Subtract 1 from end.
diff --git a/THANKS b/THANKS
index 0276167..fe8ad1e 100644
--- a/THANKS
+++ b/THANKS
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ Eli Barzilay                    <address@hidden>
 Ludovic Courtes                 <address@hidden>
 Matthew Flatt                  <address@hidden>
 Laurent Michel                  <address@hidden>
+Mike Spivey                     <address@hidden>
 Basile Starynkevitch            <address@hidden>
 Sam Steingold                  <address@hidden>
 Jens Troeger                    <address@hidden>
diff --git a/doc/version.texi b/doc/version.texi
index bbcbdc5..a763770 100644
--- a/doc/version.texi
+++ b/doc/version.texi
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
address@hidden UPDATED 9 January 2008
address@hidden UPDATED-MONTH January 2008
address@hidden UPDATED 13 June 2008
address@hidden UPDATED-MONTH June 2008
 @set EDITION 1.2c
 @set VERSION 1.2c
diff --git a/lightning/fp-common.h b/lightning/fp-common.h
index d65d160..0847ceb 100644
--- a/lightning/fp-common.h
+++ b/lightning/fp-common.h
@@ -85,6 +85,23 @@
 #define jit_retval_f(rs)               jit_retval_d(rs)
+#ifndef jit_beqr_f
+#define jit_beqr_f(lab, a, b)          jit_beqr_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bner_f(lab, a, b)          jit_bner_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bgtr_f(lab, a, b)          jit_bgtr_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bger_f(lab, a, b)          jit_bger_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bltr_f(lab, a, b)          jit_bltr_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bler_f(lab, a, b)          jit_bler_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_buneqr_f(lab, a, b)                jit_buneqr_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bltgtr_f(lab, a, b)                jit_bltgtr_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bungtr_f(lab, a, b)                jit_bungtr_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bunger_f(lab, a, b)                jit_bunger_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bunltr_f(lab, a, b)                jit_bunltr_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bunler_f(lab, a, b)                jit_bunler_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bordr_f(lab, a, b)         jit_bordr_d(lab, a, b)
+#define jit_bunordr_f(lab, a, b)       jit_bunordr_d(lab, a, b)
 #ifndef jit_retval_f
 #define jit_retval_f(op1)            jit_movr_f((op1), JIT_FPRET)
diff --git a/lightning/i386/asm.h b/lightning/i386/asm.h
index ad404fc..2dec4b9 100644
--- a/lightning/i386/asm.h
+++ b/lightning/i386/asm.h
@@ -915,8 +915,10 @@ enum {
 #define JOSm(D)                                JCCSim(0x0, D)
 #define JNOSm(D)                       JCCSim(0x1, D)
 #define JBSm(D)                                JCCSim(0x2, D)
+#define JCSm(D)                                JCCSim(0x2, D)
 #define JNAESm(D)                      JCCSim(0x2, D)
 #define JNBSm(D)                       JCCSim(0x3, D)
+#define JNCSm(D)                       JCCSim(0x3, D)
 #define JAESm(D)                       JCCSim(0x3, D)
 #define JESm(D)                                JCCSim(0x4, D)
 #define JZSm(D)                                JCCSim(0x4, D)
@@ -946,8 +948,10 @@ enum {
 #define JOm(D)                         JCCim(0x0, D)
 #define JNOm(D)                                JCCim(0x1, D)
 #define JBm(D)                         JCCim(0x2, D)
+#define JCm(D)                         JCCim(0x2, D)
 #define JNAEm(D)                       JCCim(0x2, D)
 #define JNBm(D)                                JCCim(0x3, D)
+#define JNCm(D)                                JCCim(0x3, D)
 #define JAEm(D)                                JCCim(0x3, D)
 #define JEm(D)                         JCCim(0x4, D)
 #define JZm(D)                         JCCim(0x4, D)
diff --git a/lightning/i386/fp-32.h b/lightning/i386/fp-32.h
index ff59631..71e5677 100644
--- a/lightning/i386/fp-32.h
+++ b/lightning/i386/fp-32.h
@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ union jit_double_imm {
         ((_and) ? ANDLir ((_and), _EAX) : 0),                  \
         ((cmp) ? CMPLir ((cmp), _AL) : 0),                     \
         POPLr(_EAX),                                           \
-        res ((d), 0, 0, 0),                                   \
+        res ((d)),                                            \
 #define jit_nothing_needed(x)

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