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[Lightning] Using Lightning for iOS

From: Iain Merrick
Subject: [Lightning] Using Lightning for iOS
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 23:53:51 +0000

Hi lightning folks,

Good to see there's some recent activity on this list, and discussion
of Lightning 2.0!

I'm interesting in writing some JIT-based code to target iOS. Apple
imposes some heavy restrictions on dynamic code generation, so it
occurs to me that Lightning be a better fit than LLVM, as Lightning is
much simpler and should be easier to tweak. (The main requirement
seems to be setting code pages to r-x before trying to execute them;
rwx is banned. Good explanation here: good summary here:

What's the current level of ARM support? says "the available backends
cover the i686, x86_64, mips, arm, ppc, and sparc architectures", but
links to the download for Lightning 1.2, which only seems to contain
i386, ppc and sparc. Is there newer code somewhere?



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