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[Lightning] WORDSIZE detection with GCC 4.2

From: Vitaly Magerya
Subject: [Lightning] WORDSIZE detection with GCC 4.2
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2013 15:43:51 +0300
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Hi. I'm having a problem building lightning on FreeBSD/i386: build
fails saying "cannot figure __WORDSIZE" (example log: [1]).

The problem is that FreeBSD still ships with GCC 4.2.1, and GCC 4.2
does not define _ILP32, __SIZEOF_POINTER__ or any similar macro that
directly identifies the size of a pointer (you can take a look at the
docs at [2]; __SIZEOF_POINTER__ is only defined since 4.3).

One possible workaround would be to set __WORDSIZE to 32 if __i386__,
is defined -- with a similar test for all the other platforms (I don't
even know which of the platforms that lightning supports are 32 bit).

Is there a better solution?


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