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Re: [Lightning] Porting GNU Smalltalk to lightning 2

From: Holger Hans Peter Freyther
Subject: Re: [Lightning] Porting GNU Smalltalk to lightning 2
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2014 11:13:44 +0100
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On Sat, Nov 01, 2014 at 10:46:13PM -0200, Paulo César Pereira de Andrade wrote:


>   I had applied your patches from last week to lightning, and only
> after pushing I noticed you had rediffed and resent it :(
>   I resynchronized it manually, so, sourcewise should be the same.

sorry for the mess. You had asked me to move jit_data to the private
header file and I wanted to do it.

>   It should be a good idea to make as much as possible tests with
> integers larger than 32 bit but that fits in 64 bit, to make sure there
> are no remaining code paths assuming 32 bit.

ah. That makes sense.

>   If we find it is good enough, I can make a formal patch, but would
> be happy enough if you just add a note about my help, and you
> can adjust the diff of the scratch-lightning-branch branch :)

My plan is to find time today to run it on our BTS and see how far
I get.

>   Once we are happy, I will make a lightning 2.0.6 release, that
> has the features added to allow making GNU Smalltalk work
> with lightning 2. Checking for the pkgconfig file should be
> enough when using a system lightning, some version info or
> test can also be done, but, well, if it is lightning 2.0.5 or
> older it will just not build...

For GNU Smalltalk we will need to upgrade to GPLv3 (or later)
and our license exception.

My plan would be:

* misc clean-ups before
* remove the copy of GNU lightning
* Take your changes and squash them
* Apply 64bit patches

thanks a lot for your work!

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