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3 Bugs in Lightning

From: Max Barraclough
Subject: 3 Bugs in Lightning
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2020 18:33:21 +0000

Issue 1
Platform: Ubuntu 20.04, AMD64. Also, Ubuntu 20.04, ARM64.

Problem: The configure script fails to detect that the dev version of
binutils ('binutils-dev') is installed. All 6 example programs compile
and run fine, but the 'printf' example does not print disassembly.

Issue 2
Platform: Amazon Linux 2, ARM64

Problem: I'm able to configure and build, and the configure script
detects that I've installed the binutils dev package, but all 6
examples crash when run. Here's the error message:

    Assertion 'a == bfd_get_arch(abfd) failed'

Issue 3
Platform: OmniOS (a distro of Illumos OpenSolaris), AMD64

Problem: The 'ifib' and 'rfib' examples segfault. (I didn't install
binutils dev.)

On Amazon Linux 2 on AMD64, everything worked fine. The configure
script correctly detected the binutils dev library, and all 6 examples
ran fine, including the disassembly printing in the 'printf' example.


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