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[Lilypond-auto] Issue 2508 in lilypond: IR: [TupletBracket] avoid-script

From: lilypond
Subject: [Lilypond-auto] Issue 2508 in lilypond: IR: [TupletBracket] avoid-scripts is not documented
Date: Tue, 01 May 2012 07:51:53 +0000

Status: Accepted
Owner: ----
Labels: Type-Documentation

New issue 2508 by address@hidden: IR: [TupletBracket] avoid-scripts is not documented

On 1 May 2012 05:32, Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden> wrote:

In the following, even though I've turned off the tuplet bracket
stencil, the tuplet number is still placed as though the stencil
was there:

[...] I want the number there, but not have it displaced upwards as
if the bracket was still there and avoiding the mordent.  I found
subsequent to my previous message that I can achieve this by using
\override TupletBracket #'avoid-scripts = ##f.

This should be documented (in case it isn't yet).

... Searching the documentation for "TupletBracket
#'avoid-scripts" doesn't find anything.

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