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[Lilypond-auto] Staging/Master Merge - James' Patchy

From: lilypond . patchy . jlowe
Subject: [Lilypond-auto] Staging/Master Merge - James' Patchy
Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 04:37:53 -0700 (PDT)

Begin LilyPond compile, commit: 9e52e03f6d8c4958c3c5335113332310c5c437c7

Merged staging, now at: 0f108b36cbf1e3e2168120b3d68997e75158e348

        Success:                ./ --noconfigure

        Success:                ../configure --disable-optimising

        Success:                nice make clean -j7 CPU_COUNT=7

        Success:                nice make -j7 CPU_COUNT=7

        Success:                nice make test -j7 CPU_COUNT=7

        Success:                nice make doc -j7 CPU_COUNT=7

        Success:                pushed to master

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