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[Lilypond-auto] Issue 2594 in lilypond: Documenting hammer-on and pull-o

From: lilypond
Subject: [Lilypond-auto] Issue 2594 in lilypond: Documenting hammer-on and pull-off
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 11:22:40 +0000

Status: Accepted
Owner: ----
Labels: Type-Documentation

New issue 2594 by address@hidden: Documenting hammer-on and pull-off

Reported by Federico Bruni here:

See related issue 2475

Original text follows:

I'm CCing the tablature list, in case anyone (Patrick?) has some suggestions about this doc addition.

Il 12/04/2012 00:40, Colin Hall ha scritto:
I think you are right, I cannot find any mention in the doc.
  It should be in NR 2.4.1

  Pull-off and hammer-on are slurs.
  Hammer-on when the pitch goes up, pull-off when it goes down.
I'm not familiar with the terms used by fretted string instrument
musicians, so I'd be very grateful if you or Marc would submit a
suitable documentation suggestion, as decribed here:

Once the bug squad receive that we can create a tracker for the
Documentation issue.

I would put hammer-on and pull-off in NR 2.4.1, Selected snippets, before "Slides in tablature" (because legato slides use slurs).

Sorry for my bad we go.

## Doc snippet ##

Hammer-on and pull-off can be obtained using slurs. Hammer-on is a raising slur, while pull-off is a falling slur:

\new TabStaff {
  \relative c' {
    d4( e\2)
    a( g)

The arc of hammer-on and pull-off is upwards in voice one and three, downwards in voice two and four:

\new TabStaff {
  \relative c' {
    << { \voiceOne g2( a) }
    \\ { \voiceTwo a,( b) }
    >> \oneVoice

Hammer-on and pull-off work the same way in chords. By default, only one arc is drawn. You can have a double arc by setting the doubleSlur property to true (be sure to use \once or set it back to false when you don't need it anymore):

\new TabStaff {
  \relative c' {
    % chord hammer-on and pull-off
    \once \set doubleSlurs = ##t
    <g' b>8( <a c> <g b>)
    g( a2) % to check that slur is single again

[Remember to add the @cindex entries]

  >  I'm not sure if we take bug reports against the GSoC page, but no
  >  matter. Once I have those references from you I can create a tracker.
See issue tracker here:


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