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[Lilypond-auto] Issue 3467 in lilypond: lilypond-book 2.17.21 and spaces

From: lilypond
Subject: [Lilypond-auto] Issue 3467 in lilypond: lilypond-book 2.17.21 and spaces in file path
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 20:36:34 +0000

Status: Accepted
Owner: ----
Labels: Type-Other

New issue 3467 by address@hidden: lilypond-book 2.17.21 and spaces in file path

reported by Davide Liessi:

lilypond-book 2.17.21 can't determine the line width from .lytex files
if there is a space in the file path, while spaces only in the file name
don't cause any problem.

I tried to compile the following example with lilypond-book 2.16.2
and 2.17.21, saving the file as "~/test/test.lytex",
"~/test/te st.lytex" and "~/te st/test.lytex" (notice the spaces).

\repeat unfold 20 { c'1 }

lilypond-book 2.16.2 compiles correctly in each case.
lilypond-book 2.17.21 compiles correctly in the first two cases,
while in the third case ("~/te st/test.lytex") it produces too wide
systems and gives the following output on terminal

$ lilypond-book --output=out --pdf test.lytex
lilypond-book (GNU LilyPond) 2.17.21
Reading test.lytex...
Running `pdflatex' on file `/var/folders/XN/XNp3zsn1G-WeL9c1ocHiuE+++TI/
-Tmp-/tmpM6murh.tex' to detect default page settings.

lilypond-book: warning: Unable to auto-detect default settings:
/bin/sh: st:: command not found

[... continues with normal output as before...]
Writing `/Users/davide/te st/out/test.tex'...

I believe the problem is in file
Here is part of the diff between version 2.16.2 and 2.17.21:
I think the problem may be that the string that is added to $TEXINPUTS
at line 192 is not quoted.
(I didn't try to edit the "" and check if this is correct.)

$ diff
<               % (global_options.latex_program, tmpfile));
<     cmd = '%s %s' % (global_options.latex_program, tmpfile);
<     ly.debug_output ("Executing: %s\n" % cmd);
               % (global_options.latex_program, tmpfile))
     cmd = 'TEXINPUTS=%s:$TEXINPUTS %s %s' \
% (global_options.input_dir, global_options.latex_program, tmpfile)
     debug ("Executing: %s\n" % cmd)

I am on Mac OS 10.6.

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