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Re: [Lilypond-auto] Issue 1000 in lilypond: communicate with upstream te

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: [Lilypond-auto] Issue 1000 in lilypond: communicate with upstream texi2html project
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2014 21:40:47 +0000

Comment #17 on issue 1000 by address@hidden: communicate with upstream texi2html project

Third answer to comment 15: I think that the main purpose of @translationof is keeping the original "@node name" and so avoid the break of ref and crossref links in translated manuals. Without @translationof a translator should:

- fix immediately all the @ref links within that manual pointing to that node (easy) - fix immediately all the crossref from other manuals to that node (unpractical)

This search in the git source tree might help:
git grep -n translationof scripts/*

BTW, if you remove @translationof from a node in a translated page, the URL name will be @node (i.e. the translated title). So another purpose of @translationof seems translating the node text but keeping the english node name in the URL (of course, the translated page will have the localized .xx.html extension).

My personal opinion is that the URL should be translated (because of search engines and user interface). If @translationof didn't have any other function, it would be useless IMHO.

Maybe we are following some GNU convention for URLs? I see that pages have page-title-in-english.xx.html

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