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Re: [Lilypond-auto] Issue 3135 in lilypond: Issue 1798 not completely fi

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: [Lilypond-auto] Issue 3135 in lilypond: Issue 1798 not completely fixed
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 04:55:44 +0000

        Owner: address@hidden

Comment #3 on issue 3135 by address@hidden: Issue 1798 not completely fixed

Use the same rules for spacing measures with full-measure rests as for measures with full-measure notes. I couldn't make these cases share the same code because full-measure rests are spaced as spanners, to self-center in the measure, but we can use the spacing parameters according to their definitions in each case.

Full-measure-rest measures are not exactly the same length as those with full-measure notes, because the rest is not graphically the same width as a note. In 3/4 time the measures with rests are a bit longer, in 4/4 time a bit shorter.

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