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From: Auto mailings of changes to Lily Issues
Subject: [Lilypond-auto] [LilyIssues-auto] [testlilyissues:issues] Re: #4751 Import Philomelos enhancements to musicxml2ly
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2016 17:36:54 +0000


Perhaps somehow we're looking at different versions of
Just prior to writing this message I did "git pull origin" and checked
out my staging branch, which git says "is up-to-date with
'origin/staging'". I'm looking at the file python/ in my
lilypond-git directory. I'll call this the "Philomelos" file.

I'll go through all the changes recorded for issue 4781, and list the relevant lines of this
file. Of the five changed blocks, as I see it, there is only one
questionable issue.

The first change adds a line to the method
Music_xml_node.init. Here is the method in the uploaded version of
the file, and the last line is the one added in issue 4781:

def __init__(self):
    self.duration = Rational(0)
    self.start = Rational(0)
    self.converted = False
    self.voice_id = None;

Next, there are changes to the Measure_element.get_voice_id method. The
method in the Philomelos file looks like this:

def get_voice_id(self):
    voice_id = self.get_maybe_exist_named_child('voice')
    if voice_id:
        return voice_id.get_text()
        return None

To me this looks equivalent to the issue-4681 version of the
file. There are two differences. One is that the Philomelos version
uses the attribute named voice_id where the issue-4681 version uses a
local variable is named voice. The second difference is that the
Philomelos version returns None if voice_id is undefined, the same as
returning voice_id. Note that voice_id is initialized to None as a
result of the first change above.

The third change is in the method Part.interpret, where a dozen or so
lines are added. These lines are in the Philomelos version of the file
exactly where I would expect them. Here they are with a little bit of
context before and after:

            measure_start_moment = now
            measure_position = Rational(0)

        voice_id = None;
        assign_to_next_voice = []
        for n in m.get_all_children ():
            # assign a voice to all measure elements
            if (n.get_name() == 'backup'):
                voice_id = None;

            if isinstance(n, Measure_element):
                if n.get_voice_id ():
                    voice_id = n.get_voice_id ()
                    for i in assign_to_next_voice:
                        i.voice_id = voice_id
                    assign_to_next_voice = []
                    if voice_id:
                        n.voice_id = voice_id
                        assign_to_next_voice.append (n)

            # figured bass has a duration, but applies to the next note
            # and should not change the current measure position!
            if isinstance(n, FiguredBass):
                n._divisions = factor.denominator()
                n._when = now
                n._measure_position = measure_position

The fourth change is the difficult one. This makes a few changes to
the method Part.extract_voices. I now remember looking at this and
deciding to retain the Philomelos version, assuming the regression
tests would expose an error if there was one, and they did not. I was
being conservative because of the extent of the changes introduced by
the Philomelos project. Perhaps I dropped a ball here, but I don't
understand the code well enough to prove it one way or the
other. Perhaps pkx166h can give an opinion about this.

The fifth change is a change in the base class of the Direction class.
The Philomelos version uses the Music_xml_node class as the base class
and the issue-4781 version uses the Measure_element class. But,
Measure_element derives from Music_xml_node, and Measure_element
doesn't override anything in Music_xml_node, so I believe that these
are equivalent.


On Jun 11, 2016, at 4:37 AM, David Kastrup address@hidden wrote:

Seriously? The patch in the tracker consists of 5 changes. Of these changes, 1 is still in staging. 3 changes clearly have been reverted to the previous state. 1 change occurs in such heavily modified surroundings that I cannot tell whether or not its effects have been preserved.

So definitely more than half the changes are missing. I don't understand how this looks different to you.

[issues:#4751] Import Philomelos enhancements to musicxml2ly

Status: Fixed
Labels: Fixed_2_19_44
Created: Sun Jan 24, 2016 02:27 AM UTC by John Gourlay
Last Updated: Fri Jun 10, 2016 08:56 PM UTC
Owner: John Gourlay

Import Philomelos enhancements to musicxml2ly from This includes the following:
- New command line option --transpose c TOPITCH.
- Added the sound tempo recognition for midi output.
- Added support for standalone sound elements.
- Added the --shift-meter option to make the music look faster/slower.
- Implemented recognition of stem values "up" and "down".
- Added support for ChordNames transposition.
- Added the command line options --tc / --tabclef [tab|moderntab]
to be able to switch between the two styles of the tab clef.
- Added transpose support for FretDiagrams.
- Allow only "moderntab" and "tab" for tab_clef value.
- Added the command line options --sn / --string-numbers [t|f] to activate
(default) | deactivate the string number stencil.
- Added conversion of <frame> elements to a separate FretBoards voice.
- No longer use the staff tuning option.
- Added --no-stem-direction option to ignore stem directions from MusicXML.
- Added <credit> elements recognition.
- Added page layout handling options.
- Fixed the issue with spaces/brackets in filename.
- Recognize the print-lyric attribute.
- Colored noteheads.
- Allow both <fermata>angled</fermata> and <fermata type="angled"></fermata>
and convert them correctly.
- Color-attribute ignored. Color of notehead and stem can be set with
hexadecimal strings. Color of stem is set even if
conversion_settings.convert_stem_direction is False.
- Include if options.midi == True.
- If a <instrument-sound>-tag is present, attempt to map its value to a
corresponding Lilypond midi-instrument and assign it to the correct staff.
- Automatically include the philomelos tagline in the header.
- Fix numerous bugs.

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