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[Lilypond-auto] [LilyIssues-auto] [testlilyissues:issues] Re: #5032 Usin

From: Auto mailings of changes to Lily Issues
Subject: [Lilypond-auto] [LilyIssues-auto] [testlilyissues:issues] Re: #5032 Using \chords rather than \chordmode etc renders \with ineffective.
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017 11:00:39 +0000

A user basically tried to code (1) instead of (2) or (3)

myPadding =
\with {
  \override VerticalAxisGroup.nonstaff-relatedstaff-spacing.padding = #10 

%% (1)
  \new ChordNames \with \myPadding \chords { c1 }
  \new Staff { c''1 }

%% (2)
  \chords \with \myPadding { c1 }
  \new Staff { c''1 }

%% (3)
  \new ChordNames \with \myPadding \chordmode { c1 }
  \new Staff { c''1 }

wondering why it didn't work.

Obviously the user took \chords as a shortcut for \chordmode.

The issue is to make it more clear in the docs, wrt to usage and behaviour of both commands (especially for \with { ... }).

Admittedly the current issue description may lead to misunderstandings.

[issues:#5032] Using \chords rather than \chordmode etc renders \with ineffective.

Status: New
Created: Sat Jan 14, 2017 09:16 PM UTC by Trevor Daniels
Last Updated: Sun Jan 15, 2017 06:44 AM UTC
Owner: Trevor Daniels

If the \chords command is used to set the input mode (rather than the more usual \chordmode command - see NR 5.4.1) context amendments within a \with command are ineffective. This is because the context has already been created implicitly by the \chords command - before the \with command is processed. The same applies to other short-hands for creating contexts such as \drums, \figures, etc. This should be documented.

(Thanks to Thomas Morley (Harm) for the explanation.)

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