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From: Auto mailings of changes to Lily Issues
Subject: [Lilypond-auto] [LilyIssues-auto] [testlilyissues:issues] Re: Ticket 4509 discussion
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2017 16:30:06 +0000

Heh, questions that I can actually answer with confidence... ;-) Yes, it's the current state.

For the "la" on 4, there actually is no melisma - the corresponding note is only the e''4. (Note that both lyric lines are assigned to the middle voice; the first and third staff just contain noise that has nothing to do at all with the lyrics.) Hence, the superfluous stub extender is removed.

W.r.t. the graces, classical notation rules demand that syllables are not printed below grace notes, but on the main note. I agree that's strange, but that's how it is according to the old school - use your favorite search engine with "lilypond lyrics grace notes" to find samples. There's an includeGraceNotes property to adjust that, but it's not in use in this regtest.
However, and here it becomes really ridiculous, even with the old version you were supposed to start the third "da" already on the graces. So the extender over the graces used to be extremely misleading, if not plainly wrong. This behavior is configurable (which makes sense if there would be no rest, and the previous syllable should last over the graces).

And yes, we do have so little relevant examples. We hardly have melismata with lyrics in regtests, and if so, then extenders have been added explicitly to provide a visual cue whether the melisma is recognized.

[issues:#4509] Enhancement: automatically engrave lyric extenders

Status: Started
Created: Sat Jul 18, 2015 03:23 AM UTC by Anonymous
Last Updated: Thu Jan 26, 2017 04:04 PM UTC
Owner: Alexander Kobel

Originally created by: *anonymous

Originally created by: address@hidden

Actually, this is a content vs. presentation issue. The current approach has lyric extenders ‘hardcoded’ within the lyricmode input, whereas often it depends on layout whether I want an extender printed or not:
– In tight horizontal spacing, we might not need an extender, but when spacing is stretched, it might become necessary. This can come through different (page/line) breaking, parallel contexts present only in some editions (part vs. score), Completion_heads_engraver (mensural without barlines/transcription with barlines).
– Long syllables might not need an extender, where short syllables do.
– Often, all voices share the same text, but have extenders in different places. If extenders need not be given explicitly, the lyricmode input code can be reused much easier.

After all, the extenders don’t add any additional meaning, but only serve to improve legibility in such cases where they do.

This would require:
– Recognising the end of a word by absence of a hyphen.
– Comparing printed length of the melisma notes vs. the syllable, likely after line breaking. After all, extenders will never influence horizontal spacing. They might, however, affect vertical spacing. (unless we chose to omit (or shift) the extender in that case?)
– Personally, I think very short extenders shouldn’t be printed. There should be some kind of threshold.
It’s also one of the usecases where a proper representation of a ‘lyric word’ would be helpful, along with issue 2458.

Possibly related:
issue 4098

Version 2.12 had this listed as a Known issue.

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