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From: Auto mailings of changes to Lily Issues via Testlilyissues-auto
Subject: [Lilypond-auto] [LilyIssues-auto] [testlilyissues:issues] #5392 Several fixes to the website
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2018 14:46:31 -0000

Issue 2) Productions page

(For both items below, the related source file is: web/introduction.itexi)

1- In this page there is the following snippet of paragraph:

"He has also worked on the score and parts for an arrangement of
Moussurgsky’s Boris Godounov for wind quartet"

On the other side, a few paragraphs below we find:

"Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an exhibition[...]"

Searching the web, I found "Mussorgsky" and "Godunov" (without 'o'
from 'ou') in pages like e.g. Wikipedia[1], but found no occurrence
"Moussurgsky" and "Godounov". So, just checking: is the spelling


2- There is the following the comment in the source file web/introduction.itexi:

@c TRANSLATORS, so far it's mostly from

I notice this link isn't valid, maybe it should be replaced with

[issues:#5392] Several fixes to the website

Status: Accepted
Labels: website
Created: Fri Jul 27, 2018 04:51 AM UTC by Federico Bruni
Last Updated: Tue Jul 31, 2018 02:45 PM UTC
Owner: Federico Bruni

I'll wait for Rafael to complete the translation of the website before submitting a patch.
In case he finds other issues...

Issue 1) Freedom page links as GNU/Linux

Rafael Fontenelle address@hidden ha scritto:

In the below paragraph of

" “Gift culture”: the Free Software movement has created many great

software projects, such as GNU/Linux, Mozilla Firefox, and Battle for
Wesnoth. Having benefitted from these projects, some developers want
to “give back” to the community. "

"GNU/Linux" is a link to, which is not correct
because GNU is the system and Linux is the kernel (more info[1]). How
about have "GNU" as a link to and "Linux" as a link


I agree that the link should be changed.

However, GNU is already linked in that page. is a "technical" page.

I'd rather link to a page which is about GNU/Linux distros. As LilyPond is a GNU project, I would use GNU/Linux.

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