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[PATCH] Yet another ancient font update

From: Juergen Reuter
Subject: [PATCH] Yet another ancient font update
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 10:19:39 +0200 (MEST)


Here is yet another patch (for 1.5.5) that I would like to contribute:

* recent development branches manually merged and

* added enhanced mensural minima/fusa noteheads (30 degrees rhomb
  style); the former 45 degrees quadratic shapes are now available
  under notehead style "neo_mensural";

* minor corrections (in particular, enhanced set_char_box()

By the way, recently somebody suggested not using stafflinethickness
in the \paper block, but rather overriding StaffSymbol's thickness
property.  However, this does not show any effect.  I took then a short
look at and found that it only looks at
stafflinethickness, but does not care about StaffSymbol's thickness
property.  Is this intended behaviour?


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