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Re: Patch: figured bass. [Comments wanted]

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: Patch: figured bass. [Comments wanted]
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 22:49:37 +0200

> either  force somebody to compile the development release of
> Lily for Windows, or install my own Red Hat system! :-)

Yes! RedHat, RedHat! (hint hint)

> HWN> \context FiguredBass \transpose c'' {
> HWN>    <e! g >
> HWN>    <f ais >
> HWN> }

> Looks  good A few remarks here, just for your knowledge: fi-
> gures indicate a chord/note to play relatively to the one in
> the  continuo  (a  non-stop  sequences of notes that will be
> played by the left hand of a harpsichord, and as a tune on a
> viola), thus meaning that there isn't any need for a \trans-
> pose or \relative instruction.
> This also means that there isn't an "extension" symbol: it's
> exactly  like  the  _ in lyrics mode (graphically and in the
> meaning).

I know -- I'm implying that people translate 4 -> f, 5 -> g , etc. in
their heads. Extension is left as excercise for the reader. I'd do it
by catching Rest_req's

> HWN> Finally, I've contemplated some kind of new syntax, maybe something
> HWN> like
> HWN>   \figures { [3 5!]4  [6+ 4]4 }
> This syntax looks much more appealing, though i don't under-
> stand why you put 4 after the brackets. The order of numbers

4 = quarter note.

> bability  of  errors  in  the typeset). Numbers is closer to
> what  figures  really  are,

>and  it  explicitly  shows  the
> non-transposibility and it's relativity.

ok: good point.
> Something  that's much needed in figured bass is an "extend"
> symbol (exactly like putting a _ in lyrics).


> Again,  thanks  for doing this, Mats and you have made using

Well, here you are.

I hope that someone else will take over this part of the patch.
Similar to mapping pitches and numbers in your head, implementing the
details is not that difficult, but it's not a challenge for me, and
rather tedious as well.

I'll have a good night's sleep over new syntax.


Han-Wen Nienhuys   |   address@hidden    |

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