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News for Typesetting Drumsets with Lily

From: Wolfgang Schnitker
Subject: News for Typesetting Drumsets with Lily
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 12:13:14 +0200

Hi developers,

I have done little games against Lily, I won!

Playing drum/normal music together works easy! :-) But not typesetting it. :-(

Drum-Midi should be done with define statements like
#define bassdrum bd  c,, (values like in drum-pich)
because we could not use pitches (see explanation below this text). It is a 
typical work for a preprozessor.

To get drums working you must only set staff.midiInstrument to drums (see
midi.scm for drumkits!), that's it. (plus notes, of course). the height of
the note represents the drum/percussion instrument like in drum-pitch.

Only shit is, that the typesetting isn't wonderful (5 octaves range for the
different instruments). And this notes should be arranged on a typical 
"one-line staff", used for drumset.

So, here is the working example as attachment. (only midi correct!)

Hope, that's useful.



Part 1:

Dear Programmers,

I found out, what's going on. It is alittle bit difficult tu explain it, but
I'll try it:

First: You can not build "combined" Music (Drums plus other Instruments)
while using "" and "" (or the other national settings)
TOGETHER! This is absolutly clear, because you define every "note" twice,
once for the correct drum pitch and the other for the normal note pitch.

Keep this in mind!

Second: Han-Wen gave my a good hint to look at "". This
piece is wonderful easy to understand. And it works nearly correct. The only
disadvantage is, that you can not use it for more than one instrument. The
second instrument will be printed on the same line. And another thing
doesn't work, you can not set the properties for Instrument and
midiInstrument (not so important).

My proposal is the following:

- Is there any Engraver, which will allow to set the Instrument and
Midi-Instrument property as a substitute for "clef-engraver" in

- We need a extra definition for DrumSet Instruments not in collision with
normal notes (no PITCHES!) for combined Music.

- the arrangement of the notes for the drumset on paper should be done with
"shifting" them up or down (no printing on the same line)

- the best way in my opinion is to build up a second "Staff" model for Drums,
to print in the same line and to get the correct binding of the midi-keyboard
assignments for drum-set instruments (e.g. 2 octaves lower for bassdrum, this
is c,,  !)

And at last a question: Can we play music and drumset together on the same
midi-keyboard? I do not have such a keyboard.

For more information look at the attached LY-File.


Wolfgang Schnitker

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