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Re: blot_diameter

From: Juergen Reuter
Subject: Re: blot_diameter
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 21:00:35 +0100 (CET)

[discussion of how to split the feta font]

As for ligatures in particular, I plan to care for the user not to have to
mind how the font is split up:

My plan is to have a ligature engraver (for several reasons that I
explained a few months ago).  This engraver will have a style property;
and the engraver will automatically set the notehead styles accordingly.
The idea is that you can switch between vaticana, hufnagel, medicaea, etc.
just by switching a *single* property of the engraver.  (N.B.: For this
reason, I am currently reworking the ligature syntax to unify it so
that it is applicable not only to vaticana style notation.)  Hence, from
the user's perspective, for ligatures it does not matter how the font is
internally split.

In general, it probably really would be best if we could provide an scm
font style function for each style that maps abstract font characters to
concrete mf or ps or whatever else characters.  However, the problem will
be to find consensus about the definition range of this function: What, if
I really want to use both, mensural and default note heads, in the same
voice?  Either I have to switch between font style functions, or the
function would have to include both mensural and default note heads in its
definition range (which, in the extreme, would blow up the scm function
until it degrades to a 1:1 mapping and then becomes useless).

Bottom line: I think we should introduce a mapping (for each style
(default, mensural, baroque, ...) an scm function) with a common
definition range; but we have to agree on the definition range.

BTW.: If changing all these things, we should not forget to
rename time signature style "old" into something like "mensural".


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