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Several questions/comments...

From: Juergen Reuter
Subject: Several questions/comments...
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 11:03:32 +0100 (CET)


Being back from a trip to Rome with the university choir, I had a
short look at 1.5.30.  I noticed some things:

* My ledger lines patch that I submitted on Dec 31st has not yet been put
  in.  IIRC, the main problem was draw_box, which does not always adhere
  to blot_diameter.  Is there some general solution in sight for draw_box?

* MetaFont *does* support fonts with more than 256 characters; at least
  the version that I have installed at home (tetex 1.0.7).  Maybe TeX
  itself is not able to address all characters of such a font, but I was
  able to produce a proof sheet dvi (and ps) file via gftodvi that
  contains all 260 characters of the mf file.  Note that the dvi file
  produced by gftodvi is independent from the gf file; i.e. it can be
  viewed standalone without needing access to the gf file.  Therefore, I
  do not know for sure if dvi files can handle mf files with more than 256

* Due to the new parmesan font (actually I would prefer the name of old
  good red wine rather than old cheese ;-)), is currently
  perfectly broken.  I would like to fix this.  What is the status of the
  font selection?

* FYI: In Rome, I bought the Solesmes edition of Graduale Triplex (reprint
  of 1974 version).  I will have a more detailed look at it as soon as

* I still have to think about gregorian ligatures, so I presumably will
  first correct/enhance some other stuff.  The current porrectus engraver
  is likely to become dedicated for mensural ligatures only.  Maybe I
  should complete mensural notation first.


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