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1.6 - ideas

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: 1.6 - ideas
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 16:24:51 +0100 (MET)
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Citat Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden>:

> What is still left on my list of things list before we can get 1.6 ?

Whoa?!?! I didn't think that 1.6 would be that soon...

I am too busy this semester for doing anything serious, but the accidentals are
only partly done, and they are not documented. I would very much like to finish
them (i.e. cross staff references up and working) before documenting them, - and
having undocumented features in a stable release is bad.
At least "we" have to do something about update-ly which I never use and don't
know how to do.
The updating-problem (which I hoped would be fixed) is that one cannot do
\property-settings within the paper-translators - i.e. you cannot do
\property Foo.Bar \override #'baz = #'jazz
you have to do
Bar \override #'baz = #'jazz
instead, which makes it impossible to use macros like \clef in the translators.
Would it be possible to allow the \property-syntax so that one could use the
same macros in the translators and in the score? Ofcourse lilypond should simply
complain and halt if the Foo does not match the translator-name/alias.
But even with this new feature I would not know exactly how to handle the
accidental-settings simply because I don't know how users used to use the old
settings (here I am talking about stuff like forget-accidentals and

IIRC (lilypond is totally dead ATM) the chords are broken - strange spaces are
inserted in the chords (C 7 instead of C7, etc). This should be fixed.

I also think that some sort of spanner-vertical-alignment should be done before
1.6 so that the volta spanners would look right (this is a serious bug, very
hard to fix manually by hand).

>  - fix and integrate drum notation

Oh yes, I don't know how much integration is needed just yet.
Ofcourse I will clean up the global name-space and hence do a minor syntax
No update-ly neccesary because this has not yet been an official feature.. Well,
update-ly would also be quite easy, probably just inserting a quote before the
I think that the remaining ideas of the drum-notation can wait till 1.7 - i.e.
better way of defining different note-name-classes than including ""
"", etc...


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