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Bug .. at Your service ..

From: Heikki Johannes Junes
Subject: Bug .. at Your service ..
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 18:20:13 +0200 (EET)

This was partly posted to lilypond-user. But I think it is a bug, so it
belongs to the developer-list:


But one thing is a big strange:

  c_#'(lines (finger "1" "1") % (A), height 2 lines
  c_#'(lines (finger "" "1")  % (B), height 1.5 lines

  c^#'(lines (finger "1" "")  % (C), height 2 lines
  c^#'(lines (finger "1" "1") % (D), height 2 lines

Here (A) has full height for the first "1"-line, while (B) has only half
height for ""-line. I do not see reason for this, since (C) and (D) give
the same height for both ""- and "1"-lines. This might be a bug. At least
there should be the same behavior for line heights in cases (B) and (D).

      Heikki Junes

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