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Re: Shaped note heads

From: J. David Blackstone
Subject: Re: Shaped note heads
Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002 23:10:15 -0600

> I've written some MetaFont code for American solfa shaped note heads.
> I hope this isn't duplicating anyone else's work. I know we've had
> some discussion about this, but I haven't seen anyone say they had
> developed the necessary glyphs as yet.
> I'd be interested in seeing any code that has been developed to
> date, if there has been any.
> Glen

  Thank you so much for this work!  I'm currently hoping to learn metafont,

  I have the code that will detect which note to print.  I am working on
the seven shape (Aiken) system, but what I have should be convertible to
the four shape, fasola, Sacred Harp system.  In the end I think there will
be a list of scheme symbols someone can customize to switch between the two
systems, but currently it is a C array of char*'s.

  The work I've done isn't of the best quality; I intercept the values I
needed at whatever was the most convenient point at the time.  Others have
pointed out better ways of doing things, and so I haven't sent anything
yet.  Perhaps I will send what I have at some point.

  The two big things stopping me from going any further have been my lack
of metafont knowledge and the two classes I'm taking this semester. :)


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