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Re: New font installation idea

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: New font installation idea
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 18:31:27 +0100

> address@hidden writes:
> >[lots of explanation about TeX]
> > What do you say, should I make a try to implement this
> > in a patch?
> It sounds well motivated. I'd say: go for it.  I have one request,
> though, to keep us & the rest from reinventing the wheel (and
> accidentally fixing stuff in the wrong way), this all should be
> documented somewhere, in some separate file. All of the relevant
> places should have comments as well (which probably should be refer to
> the doc file.)

OK! I'll go for it (probably starting with the documentation
so it gets done).

> Some more requests: it would be nice if fonts were generated in
> /var/somewhere/, and not in /usr/share/lilypond. Also, the
> directoryname should probably read lilypond-VERSION, so installing
> different versions is easy. 

As I said, unless the user has write permission in /usr/share/lilypond/
the fonts will be generated in `kpsexpand \$VARFONTS` which 
typically is somewhere under /var/ or /tmp/ depending on your
teTeX installation. The directory name is set by 
'configure --prefix=PREFIX' or 'configure --datadir=DIR', so
you could follow whatever naming convention you wish.
The only thing I don't know how to solve is to generate font
files for several Lilypond versions in separate subdirectories
of $VARFONTS. So, if you want several simultaneous Lilypond
installations on the same machine, you either have to install
all except one in directories with write permission or you
could set $VARFONTS to point to different directories.


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