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Re: auto-accidentals in different octaves

From: Tobias Schlemmer
Subject: Re: auto-accidentals in different octaves
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 04:23:39 +0300
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Am Die, 12. M?r 2002 01:14:43 +0100, schrieb David Boersma:
> I just would like to tell that until a few years ago I made the same
> mistake, although it was not entirely my fault. As a kid I played the
> clarinet and one exercise book that I used quite a lot kept to the rule
> that accidentals would not be repeated for other octaves.


> Then I looked it up in the most used Dutch musicological
> handbook and there it was explicitly stated that if the composer wants the
> accidental in more octaves, (s)he has to specify it in all of them. It
> also acknowledged that many people get confused here, because this rule
> does NOT hold for the sharps & flats in the beginning of the staff that
> indicate the key; they do hold for all octaves.

Well, interesting. One time I found somewhere a C (without accidentals)
and a C# in one accord and decided to play both as C#. Intuitively I
took it as a typo. But if I see this discussion, I'd think in this case
it would be best to write the according accidental to every octave in on
staff and every staff of one instrument, because the best standard is
nothing, if nobody knows it. And because this problem arises not too
often it is difficult to remeber by novices. So an intuitive way should
be used. 

On the other hand it is very surprising if in a trumpet voice falls an
accidental from the sky, which doesn't change anything, because at the
other staff a trombone had another accidental. 

But it seems to me a little bit difficult to make such decitions
automagically, because Lily had to know, which staves belong together in
that way.
Perhaps Lily could issue some typesetting warnings if it thinks that the
notation is not unified, so the user is advised to limit the scope of
accidentals manually.



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