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Re: Announcing Lilypond fink package (for MacOS X)

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Announcing Lilypond fink package (for MacOS X)
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 10:19:15 +0100

Matthias Neeracher <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm pleased to announce that a fink package to compile Lilypond 1.5.45
> is now available for MacOS X.

Wow, that's very nice.

> To try it:
> - Get the Fink package manager from
> - Get the Lilypond package description by either
>    a) Enabling the "unstable" tree in fink and executing "fink selfupdate"
>    b) Or copying the two included files into
> /sw/fink/dists/local/main/finkinfo
> - Install the Lilypond package by executing
>       fink install lilypond-unstable

Ok.  The a) path didn't work for me, but I'm a complete fink newbie,
possibly this is a installation/configuration problem?  See below.  b)
works fine; I've only found one little bug: you should run 'mktexlsr'
in the postinstall phase.

> Please let me know about your success or failure in using this
> package. The more feedback I get, the sooner the lilypond package can
> be folded into the main fink distribution.

I'd say, a fine result for the first package.


[buoux:/sw] root# cat etc/fink.conf
# Fink configuration, initially created by
Basepath: /sw
RootMethod: sudo
Trees: local/main stable/main stable/crypto local/bootstrap unstable/main
MirrorContinent: nam
MirrorCountry: nam-us
ProxyPassiveFTP: true
Verbose: false
SelfUpdateNoCVS: true
[buoux:/sw] root# fink selfupdate
curl -L -s -S -O

You already have the package descriptions from the latest Fink point release.
(installed:0.3.2a available:0.3.2a)
[buoux:/sw] root# fink install lilypond-unstable
Reading package info...
Information about 649 packages read in 5 seconds.
Failed: no package found for specification 'lilypond-unstable'!


buoux:/sw] root# scp 'address@hidden:patches/lilypond-unstable*' 
lilypond-unstable-1. 100% |*****************************|  1898       00:00
lilypond-unstable-1. 100% |*****************************|  1232       00:00
[buoux:/sw] root# fink install lilypond-unstable
Reading package info...
Information about 650 packages read in 5 seconds.
curl -L -s -S -O
mkdir -p /sw/src/lilypond-unstable-1.5.45-1
tar -xzf /sw/src/lilypond-1.5.45.tar.gz
patch -p1 </sw/fink/dists/local/main/finkinfo/lilypond-unstable-1.5.45-1.patch
patching file stepmake/stepmake/c-vars.make
patching file stepmake/stepmake/compile-vars.make
./configure --prefix=/sw --infodir='$(prefix)/share/info' 
creating cache ./config.cache
checking Package... LILYPOND
-> ok

Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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