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Updated Lilypond fink package (for MacOS X)

From: Matthias Neeracher
Subject: Updated Lilypond fink package (for MacOS X)
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 01:52:32 -0800

[Sorry for sending another announcement so soon. I'm NOT planning to burden this list with every minor update, but my first announcement turned out to have some serious problems].

Thanks to feedback from various users, I was able to get some of the problems out of my first try at a lilypond fink package. The revised version, which now installs into the correct texmf subtree and other corrections, is now in the fink CVS repository.

To try it:

- Get the Fink package manager from
- Get the Lilypond package description by enabling the "unstable" tree in fink and executing "fink selfupdate-cvs"
(In my last announcement, I had suggested "fink selfupdate", which does not necessarily offer to try CVS).
- Install the Lilypond package by executing

fink install lilypond-unstable

That's it! The command should compile & install all Lilypond prerequisites (python, TeX, X11, ghostscript) and then
Lilypond itself.

The current package builds 1.5.47 (I had a documentation build failure for 1.5.48, which I assume is a known problem).

Please let me know about your success or failure in using this package. The more feedback I get, the sooner the lilypond package can be folded into the main fink distribution.


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