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Re: Feature Request: Vienna-style orchestral parts

From: Juergen Reuter
Subject: Re: Feature Request: Vienna-style orchestral parts
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 20:44:47 +0200 (CEST)

On Sun, 31 Mar 2002, Amelie Zapf wrote:

> Hi folks,
> once again, I'm missing a feature in Lilypond. In orchestras, it is common
> practice to mark up repeats in the parts like this to make the part more
> readable:
>  /        \
> /          \
> ||.       .||
> ||.       .||
> ||         ||
> \          /
>  \        /
> In addition, those repeats are marked in blue, while coda and segno signs are
> marked in red. Would it be possible that Lilypond can do that for me by
> setting a Score property? I don't know how difficult that is, the layout of
> the repeat signs would have to be changed PLUS color added. Maybe in two
> steps?
>                 \translator {
>                         \ScoreContext
>                         viennaRepeats = ##t
>                         colorRepeats = ##t
>                 }

IMHO you probably would rather have this a grob property of grob bar-line,
maybe something like

\notes {
  \property Score.BarLine \set #'repeat-bar-style = #'vienna
  \property Score.BarLine \set #'repeat-bar-color = #'blue


\paper {
  \translator {
    BarLine \set #'repeat-bar-style = #'vienna
    BarLine \set #'repeat-bar-color = #'blue

Color support is also on my wish list (a couple of months ago, I wrote a
mail with a dozen of situations where you want to use colors), but I guess
this is a major project: For example, you have to consider the order in
which the grobs are output.  If a blue repeat bar crosses black staff
lines, you probably want to have the staff lines be typeset *after* the
repeat bar (i.e. black staff lines on blue repeat bar).

The vienna style bar lines should not be that difficult to implement
(if you like, look at lily/, function
Bar_line::compound_barline, to see for how it currently works).


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