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Plans for guitar notation

From: Kamil Kisiel
Subject: Plans for guitar notation
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 19:23:49 -0700
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Recently I have been planning a design for an open-source guitar tab
notation program when I came across the lilypond project. I am wondering
if there are any plans to include guitar-tab functionality to lilypond,
as in a second staff representing the strings with numbers indicating
the fret played. At the least, are there plans to include some common
guitar notation symbols like bends/prebends/releases, fretboard tapping,
muted notes, palm muting, tremolo picking, vibrato and the various forms
of harmonics? I think these features would be a good addition to
lilypond. I do not have much experience programming C so I don't know I
could help with coding. I noticed that lilypond uses some python code,
but I am not sure if it would be possible to add such extensions with

Please CC: any replies to my email as I am not subscribed to this list..

Kamil Kisiel <address@hidden>
ICQ: 253495
GPG KeyID: 0xC61F6FD4

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