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Re: Chord brackets

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: Chord brackets
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 11:05:20 +0200

Chris Jackson wrote:

> I don't think the current solution for 8va markings using text spanners
> is that bad actually - I don't really see what's "fake" about it, after
> all, they are text spanners, and the centralCposition thing ensures
> they're at the correct pitch. What would be the advantages of them being
> implemented separately?

Eh, well, the /input/test/ just looks ugly - the dots are
aligned to the bottom of the text (instead of the top) and there is no
ending vertical line. I.e. we have


instead of

8va          :

> ( I just use \ottavaStart and \ottavaStop macros which set all the
> properties... could these be in, with some sensible
> defaults? )

Not before we can read the "old" central-c-position from scheme (c.f. my
previous mail). Otherwise you need different macros for each clef -
which is quite ugly.

> > you could even fix the allignment bug of voltas this way?
> <trawls through list archives...> What bug is this?

Voltas should always be aligned. In this ex. they get different y-pos.
This should be fixed before 1.6.

  \context Voice \notes {
    \repeat volta 2 { g'1 }
    \alternative { {b'1}
                   {a'2 g'''2}
  \paper{ linewidth = -1 }


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