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Re: Upgrading to 1.5.52

From: Juergen Reuter
Subject: Re: Upgrading to 1.5.52
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 15:48:25 +0200 (CEST)

On 17 Apr 2002, Laura Conrad wrote:

> I just installed 1.5.52 and attempted to run it.  (I've been running
> on 1.4.12.)

Welcome to 1.5.x! :-)

> ...
> My incipits
> are a little bit screwed up, and the custos is missing, but otherwise
> most of my stuff "just works".

The font had to be split up since the number of font symbols grew beyond
TeX's limit of 256 characters.  Most (but currently not all) of the font
symbols for mensural notation are in font family "ancient" (as opposed to
"music").  Currently, you have to say something like

\property Staff.Clef \set #'font-family = #'ancient
\property Staff.Accidentals \set #'font-family = #'ancient
\property Staff.Custos \set #'font-family = #'ancient

to access them.  This should also solve your custos problem.

Unfortunately, this currently does not work for TimeSignature for some
internal reasons of lily (to be more precise, alist font selection in
scm/font.scm); i.e. mensural time signatures currently do not work at all.
This should be fixed until 1.6.

Maybe we find a better solution in the future for the font selection

Also note that you now can use

\property Staff.Custos \override #'neutral-position = #4
\property Staff.Custos \override #'neutral-direction = #-1

to customize the direction of the custos.


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