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GNU Solfege ported to gtk+ 2.0

From: Tom Cato Amundsen
Subject: GNU Solfege ported to gtk+ 2.0
Date: 20 Apr 2002 14:37:14 +0200

Howdy, I have ported Solfege to gtk+ 2.0 (but not yet GNOME 2).

Most likely you have to adjust the path to the python bindings (pygtk
1.99.8) in and before building. Please report
bugs as usual, but don't ask me how to compile and install pygtk-1.99,
gtk+ 2.0 and friends.

You can find the file on and

1.9.0: April 20, 2002
        * po/ : We don't need the solfege-intervalnames-nn.po files
        any more. See po/README for details.

        * topdocs/README.texi: updated required software list.

        * use pythons

        * I deleted Mandrake to install GNU/Hurd, so there are no .rpm
        time. Time to start saving for a larger hard disk.
        * First step in port to gtk 2.0. You have to configure with
        --without-gnome. This release includes a simple and very ugly
        widget that can display images, fonts and pretty normal looking
        links, even for ms-windows users. Small adjustments to the gui.

1.5.1: (not yet released)
        * online-docs/ intervall->interval

        * src/ changes to make gtk 2.0 porting easier.

        * src/ added watch functionality to cfg.set_XXX

        * use gtkhtml by default

        * src/, src/ removed custom float method. 
        locale.setlocale(locale.LC_NUMERIC, "C") seems to fix the

        * added changes from stable branch (1.4.3 and 1.4.4 releases)

Tom Cato Amundsen <address@hidden>
GNU Solfege - free eartraining,

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