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[Patch] lilypond-book with pdflatex 2

From: Thomas Willhalm
Subject: [Patch] lilypond-book with pdflatex 2
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 11:00:10 +0200
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if I don't forget the attachment as usually, you should find included an
updated patch for lilypond-book. There is now a new option "midi" that
places a hyper-link before the notes. To use it, you have to include
the LaTeX package "hyperref" and the option "midi" at \begin[midi]{lilypond}.
 lilypond-book -fpdflatex songbook.lytex
 pdflatex songbook.pdflatex
 acroread songbook.pdf
you should find a link named "Midi" on top of your song. If your system is
setup properly, clicking it should play the music. I had to include
 audio/midi; timidity %s
in my ~/.mailcap file (using linux). Don't know about other operating systems.

Of course, it is necessary to have a midi section in your music. The link
simply points to the output filename base + ".midi". So, moving the midi 
files (relatively to the main document) or renaming them will surely break 
the links.

I also started working on a replacement for the "eps" option. However,
it turned out that I wasn't able to use it with the original version
of lilypond-book. Is this thing supposed to work?

Except the "eps" option, my modified lilypond-book seems to work for 
ordinary LaTeX as well (but of course you never can be sure). Is there
someone out there who could try whether texinfo support is still working?

Best regards


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