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Re: Bug: headers missing when including file

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Bug: headers missing when including file
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 22:05:30 +0200

> Suppose you have a lot of pieces and you want to gather them in to a
> single book. They are in separate files, like the following "":
> \score {
>     \notes { c }
>     \header {
>       title = "a piece"
>     }
> }
> Then you get an idea, that just by making a file "":
>  \include ""
>  \include ""
>  % repeat even more times for testing purposes
> you simply include all the scores you have. This way, you would get a nice
> book with an increasing page number. But, alas. Only in the first score
> there is the "\header"-field in use. There are no headers in further
> scores which were included.

It would certainly be easy to add a new option to ly2dvi to 
give a full header for each score. I see several question marks, 
though; should each score start on a new page? If you use the 
feature to print orchestral parts, you'd want the page numbers
to start from 1 for each new part, ...
can you suggest some set of command line options that covers 
most of the interesting cases? There used to be a '-s' option 
that generated a separate .dvi file for each \score{} section.

As an alternative, you could use lilypond-book, including each
piece using \lilypondfile{}. Then it is trivial to include
the necessary page breaks or set page numbers or the page layout.
Another advantage is that if you update one of the files, 
lilypond-book will only rerun Lilypond on changed pieces, not on
all of them.


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