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Re: Ancient baritone clef?

From: Juergen Reuter
Subject: Re: Ancient baritone clef?
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 18:57:11 +0200 (CEST)

On 25 Oct 2002, Laura Conrad wrote:

> In the documentation on ancient clefs, there's a lot of detail about
> how to get lots of styles of C clefs on all kinds of lines on the
> staff, but no examples of G or F clefs on other than the second or
> fourth line.
> Could I put in a request for \clef "mensural_f3" or something like
> that?

Well, this could be easily done by just adding the line

          ("mensural_f3" . ("clefs-mensural_f" 0 0))

to supported-clefs in scm/clef.scm (untested).  However, this list is
already quite longish, and I do not know if it makes sense to add an entry
for each and every clef that can be found somewhere in literature, since
there are so many possible combinations.  And for rarely used cases that
are not supported, you stil can manually put any clef wherever you want,
as you correctly describe below for your particular case.

On the other hand, if you think that mensural_f3 is a very common case, we
may consider adding it to the list.  But then, for the sake of
consistency, we probably should add all of mensural_f1 ... mensural_f5,
which makes the list yet longer.

> originalclef=\notes{  \property Staff.clefGlyph = #"clefs-mensural_f"
>   \property Staff.clefPosition = #0
> \property Staff.centralCPosition = #4
> }
> seems to do this.


> Is there documentation somewhere for how to guess the
> numbers on the first try instead of the third or fourth?

\property Staff.clefPosition = #0:
This means (at least on systems with an odd number of stafflines) that the
clef is put on the middle staffline; a positive value shifts it up (in
units of half staffspaces), a negative value shifts it down.

\property Staff.centralCPosition = #4:
This effectively tells lily, that this clef is an F clef: The metafont
code for each clef defines a graphical origin.  In the case of the F clef,
the origin is the center between the two dots, i.e. where the clef
defines the pitch f to be.  From this center of the clef, you have to go
up 4 half staffspaces to reach the middle c.


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